Showcase Slot Pieces


If you would like to show us your singing in one of the showcase slots, here are a few suggestions….

Let me entertain you: video & mp3

  • Upto the second chorus only
  • Should be a good range if your voice has broken

I know him so well: video & mp3

  • Take a look at the part (in white) we used as the solo in 2015
  • A Broadway classic, pitched for the female vocal range

When I grow up: video & mp3

  • Another from our 2015 show, take a look upto the end of the 1st chorus
  • Should be ideal for our younger cast members

Valerie: video & mp3

  • Take a look up to the end of the 1st verse
  • Should be in the range for nearly everyone

Or you can bring your own piece (CD or mp3) to sing to!