Christmas Concert 2022

Swindon Gangshow is back and we’re putting on a Christmas Concert on Friday 9th December at Swindon Academy. We are looking to recruit a cast to put on a variety show of Christmas songs and sketches, with the opportunity for some group solos and a little bit of movement on the jazzier numbers!

Who can take part?

The show is open to all members of Swindon North or Ridgeway Scout Districts and Wiltshire North Guides who are 7 years or older.

You do not have to have been involved in Gangshow in the past, if you want to perform then come along!

When is it?

The cast will be rehearsing at Swindon Academy on Beech Avenue. on:

  • Wednesday 23rd November 6.30 – 8:30pm
  • Wednesday 30th November 6.30 – 8:30pm
  • Wednesday 7th December 6.30 – 8:30pm

The concert will be at Swindon Academy on Beech Avenue.

  • Friday 9th December 6.15 – 8.45pm

Our young people are interested, do we need to send leaders?


It would be fantastic if your whole group showed up with leaders in tow, but its not required. If you have young people interested in taking part then they will be looked after by the production team as well as the Scout and Guide leaders in the show.

Anything else I need to know?

We’re asking the cast to provide their own outfit for the performance that consists of:

  • A plain black t-shirt, shirt or top
  • Dark (preferably black) trousers or leggings
  • Dark footwear

Gangshow will be providing a sparkly Necker to complete the outfit.

We are asking all cast members to pay a subscription of £5 to help some of the costs of putting on the show. We also need lots of people to come along and watch so let everyone know you’re going to be on stage and get lots of people along to watch!

Taking part can also help you earn badges and awards. Cubs can get the Entertainers badge, and tick off some of the parts of the Our Skills Challenge Award, which is needed to get the Chief Scout’s Silver Award. Scouts can also earn their Entertainers badge, as well as contributing to the Scouts Creative Challenge Award, which is needed to get the Chief Scout’s Gold Award.

Sounds great, how do I sign up?

Fill in the online form here and we’ll see you at rehearsals!


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