Be Part

As part of the Christmas Concert, we’re challenging groups in the district to make performing arts part of their programme in Autumn 2017 and contribute their own items, which we will intersperse throughout the evening.

This might be a:

  • Sketch or Skit
  • Song – we can help with a backing track if you need it!
  • Traditional Nativity
  • Dance – do you have some dancers in your group who want to choreograph their own routine?
  • Musical performance – Maybe you have a pianist or guitarist or any other instrument / ensemble that would like to play a song
  • Something else that we’ve not thought of!


The Christmas Concert will be held on Friday 15th December at Swindon Academy. Doors will open at 7pm and the performance will start at 7.30pm and run through until 9pm.

There are 6 performance slots available for groups, with a maximum time of 5 minutes per slot.

So far 9 groups have said they are interested in performing. Your performance slot is not guaranteed until:

  • Contacted us and tell us what you plan to do
  • Discussed any technical stuff you may need (e.g backing tracks)
  • Told us how many people will be performing. 
  • Received confirmation email from us saying you have a slot

In the absence of any fairer way of doing this, these will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. If you don’t want to miss out then get in touch soon! And remember that you can also be part of the concert by signing up for the choir, or coming along and joining in with singing from the stalls.

You will be responsible for your groups during the evening and will need enough adults there to maintain ratios for your age group.

We will have a simple lighting rig for the stage area, as well as microphones for the choir and solo singing. There are no radio mics so you will need to make sure that any speaking parts practice speaking clearly, and projecting to a big room; the overhead mics can only do so much

There will be no dedicated changing rooms, but we should be able to use the corridor outside to prepare the next item. Please bear this is mind when making your plan.

The first time we put the whole show together will be on the night. You’ll need to be able to walk on stage, do your performance, take your applause and then head back to your seats. Keep any props and costumes simple to make this as easy as possible.