Rock Band 2018

In 2017, we tried something different. We put a call out to find musicians from our districts to see if we could form a band to play during the show. And from that Scouting for Noise was born.

Rock Band Promo v2.png

The item was so successful, we are looking to do the same for the 2018.

What is Rock Band?

We are looking to form a Scout and Guide band to play a short set on the Wyvern stage during the next show in November 2018.

How will it work?

We are asking for those that are interested to sign up here, to see if we can put a band together. Please let us know what instruments you play and what level you are and any other relevant information. Once we have some people signed up, we will arrange some try outs and work from there.

You’ll need to be able to available to rehearse with the band and be available for show week which is Tuesday 27th November through Saturday 1st December (see the dates for full details of show week timings).

Register for Rock Band here

What instruments are you looking for?

Usual suspects include Drums, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards as well as vocalists. But we can take this in whatever ever direction we need to. If you play brass, we can do some ska. If you play banjo we can do some folk, if you play strings we can use it use.

Whatever you play, you will need to be confident enough to perform on stage to 300 a night!

What songs will we play?

Once the band is formed, you guys will get to pick what you want to play, but the production team will have to sign off on the choices!

Who can take part?

This is open to Scouts, Guides, Explorers, Senior Section, Young Leaders and Network from Swindon North, Swindon Ridgeway Districts and Wiltshire North Guiding.

Register for Rock Band here

Do I need to be part of the Cast?

No! Rock band will run separately to the main show, although you will be performing on stage during the show.

Rock band will pay a short set in the 2nd half of the show, and will also join the main cast on stage during the finale to be take part in the traditional performance of Crest of a Wave.

When are Rehearsals?

Rehearsals will be separate main show rehearsals and will take place midweek, likely to be Wednesday or Thursday evening.

How much will it cost to take part?

To be part of Rock band, it will cost you £10 which will help cover some of the rehearsal space fees.

If you are already a member of the main cast, there is no additional cost.

Register for Rock Band here


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