2018 Supported Charity

This year marks 100 years since the end of the First World War and at the start on November the centenary commemoration services were in the forefront of peoples minds. To honour this event, we have included a special item in our show that features songs from the Great War.

To tie in with this, and because of the excellent work they do, we are pleased to announce that our 2018 supported charity is Scotty’s Little Soldiers.


Scotty’s Little Soldiers is a charity dedicated to supporting children & young people who have lost a parent whilst serving in the British Armed Forces.

To help raise funds there will be a bucket collection and where the our audience members to donate what they can. Additionally, Scotty’s Little Soldiers will have a stall in the foyer of the theatre where they will be selling merchandise and you can find out more about the services they provide children who’s lives have been affected by war.

You can read more about the work they and how your donations will be spent on their website:



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