Christmas Concert 2017

Recently we announced our plans to have a Christmas Concert on Friday 15th December. This will be joint event between Swindon North & Ridgeway to celebrate the end of the year and to support the Swindon Gangshow.


Be Heard

We’ll be putting together a Gangshow choir to perform Carols & Christmas songs. There will be mix of group songs and possibility of solos & small groups to sing. This will be open to all members from our supporting districts of Swindon North & Ridgeway Scouts and Wiltshire North Guiding who are 8 years or older. If you’ve never been part of the show before this is a great opportunity to get involved!

Be Part

We’d also challenging groups in the district to make performing arts part of their programme in Autumn 2017 and contribute their own items, which we will intersperse throughout the evening. This might be, a sketch or skit, a song, a traditional Nativity, a dance or a musical performance and can involve your whole section, a small group or an individual. This is an opportunity to showcase the talent we have in our supporting districts.

If you are interested in finding out more about having your group or section contribute an item for the Christmas Concert then please register your interest here.

Please note that you are not committing to being part of the show, just that you would like more information!

Awards & Recognition

Making performing arts part of your programme and taking part in the Christmas concert can help gain lots of awards and recognition:

Musicians Staged Activity Badge:

  • Christmas Concert can be used for the performance aspect
  • The Gangshow team can help out with the requirements and assessment – please ask!


  • Earn the Entertainers award
  • Contributes to the artists award – Make a poster advertising the event
  • Contributes to the Chief Scout’s Silver award – need 6 activity or staged badges and this can earn you 3!


  • Earn the Entertainers Award
  • Contributes to the Creative Challenge
  • Contribute to Chief Scout’s Gold Award
    • need six activity or staged activity badges – Can earn 2
    • Complete the 9 challenge awards – creative challenge is one!


  • Contribute to the Performing Arts award – Christmas Concert can be used for the performance or exhibit part
  • Contribute to Chief Scout’s Platinum, Diamond and Queen’s Scout Award
    • Use Gangshow to fulfil the Service requirement
    • Become a Junior member of Production team – choreograph a song or item, teach the singing for an age group item, write an original sketch or item for the show




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