The Countdown Starts Now….

Earlier in July, the Swindon Gang Show executive committee met and officially closed the 2014 show. At this meeting several long-standing members of the exec team announced their intention to step aside after many years of dedicated service.

Those stepping down include:

  • Mary Stevens JP (President)
  • John Stevens MBE (Chairman)
  • Chris Pope (Treasurer)
  • Marian Kilburn (Secretary)

On behalf of the of all the cast and crew they have represented over the years, we would like to express our gratitude for all their hard work.

The task is now to find new volunteers to take the Swindon Gang Show forward as we start to build for our next show in 2015. We are happy to announce that Stuart Leach has already been elected as the new chairman, and is leading the way in filling the other vacancies.

In order to make the roles more accessible, the decision has been taken to add some additional roles to the executive committee to help share the load. Ben Wiltshire has taken the role of media secretary, with responsibilities for the website and social media presence including  Twitter & Instagram. We have some candidates we are approaching for the other roles, but wish to cast the net far and wide in order to find the best people.

And so we ask you all to get involved with our search. You may already be a volunteer in scouting who would like to get involved with the Gang show. You could be a parent who sees the fantastic opportunity participating in a Gang Show gives the young members of Scouting and Guiding and you wish to ensure this remains available. You might have been up on the stage as a youngster performing in Gang Shows, remembering how fantastic that could be, and now in adult life want to give back.

We know the right people are out there and we need your help to find them!

If you have any questions about the roles, or if you want to volunteer but don’t know exactly where you might fit in please send us an email via the contact us page.

Swindon Gang Show celebrated its 25th show in 2014, and with your help we aim to make the next 25 even better. The countdown to the 2015 show, starts now…..


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